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A fantasy based total conversion written and designed by Kael & Co for that humongously addictive empire-building game, Civilization 4, itself (unsurprisingly) designed by the god of strategy games himself, Sid Meier.

It is the best add-on available currently to Civ4, it's depth is a bottomless abyss, it's replay value builds greatly upon Civ4's -which is already limitless-, and it turns an already addictive game into VIRTUAL HEROIN.

Imagine playing Dungeons and Dragons or Baldur's gate, except instead of rolling dice and playing with just a few characters, you are now managing an entire nation.

Developers can be found hanging out at's forums, along with a swarm of fans.
Age of Empires 3? Fuck that shit, mang! I'm going to dive into Fall From Heaven for a while and conquer ever last tile on Erebus.
by iamjooish April 21, 2008
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