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A person usually between the ages 18 and 20 who looks rich fools people into thinking their rich, usually wearing polo ralph lauren that their parents bought them. drives a Lincoln navigator that their grandparents got for them. Usually has a minimum wage job, parents pay for gas, insurance, and everything else, so all their money is spent on expensive clothes and jewerly. this creates the illusion as if these people are rich but they arnt really.
Bob: Man i wish i was just like Jimmy, look at how rich he is. He drives a navigator and all he wears is polo ralph lauren. That must have cost a fortune. He obviously gets money.

Matt: No his parents pay for everything like gas and car insurance. He spends all his money from working at mcdonalds on expensive clothes and subs for his car. Hes not rich hes just a fake richie
by PleaseMr August 14, 2011
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