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Someone who doesnt smokes weed alot and then acts like they smoke all the time in public to impress people.
Tom(Fake Pothead) in public - Mayne im dying for a joint right now.
Tom(Fake Pothead) with one of his friends 3 minutes later - Mayne wanna smoke a nickel bag next week?
Friend- Dude shut the fuck up, you said you were just dying for a joint.
by Mr. Gunshotz February 18, 2010
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Someone who openly admits to having an addiction to Marijuana, and may even smoke Marijuana in social situations, yet does not smoke to the point of an addiction. This is usually a practice of adolesents who wish to fit-in with a group of people who are pot heads yet they do not wish to actually practise smoking pot frequently, and thusly lies about the cercumstances under which they use Marijuana.
by Digital BluE August 08, 2003
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