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Someone who is obsessed with markiplier (a famous youtuber) They think they know every single detail about him and when someone else doesn't know a little detail they call them fake fans and think they are superior to them.
Markiplier is a youtuber who has as of 09/12/16 around 14 million subscribers and is pretty famous. I talk to a few people who are obsessed with him and I think this should be a definition.

Fake Markiplier fans:
Girl 1: " Where's the blacksmith"
Girl 2: *stares at her*
Girl 1: " You don't know what that means?!?!? Your not a real markiplier fan if you don't know what that means, one day you'll know ALL the references like ME"
Girl 2: "......okay.."
*she's too obsessed with Mark*
by Blah_blah_boi September 12, 2016
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