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A person who ridiculed Michael Jackson and/or had absolutely NOTHING to do with him before he died and has suddenly decided that they are now his "biggest fan" after his devastating death.

These "Michael Jackson fans" are the prime example to the quote "You don't know what you got until it's gone."

Some MJ fans that became fans after his death make good points as to why they weren't such big fans of him then as they were now.

Others obviously lack sensibility and can't come up with a good excuse to save their lives.

The main ones that bother me are the ones that made fun of him and thought of him as a paedophile before he died and now say that they "love him to death!!! <333"
Actual conversation on Yahoo! Answers (after his death, mind you):

Some person: So, how long has everyone been listening to Michael Jackson?

Fake Michael Jackson Fan: Oh, I've def been listening to him since I was in the womb!!! <3

My thoughts: Really? Just...really?
I was very tempted to reply to it, but I decided not to get involved.
by FakeMJFanHater July 14, 2010
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