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Frank Frank is an antagonist who appears in The Filthy Frank Show, and plays a major role in the "Lore" of the show.

When the Dark Lord, Chin-Chin, banished the real Filthy Frank to a realm known as the Rice Fields, he was later replaced by an impostor, better known as "Fake Frank". Fake Frank was a worshiper of Chin-Chin who was paid in Chromosomes by the Dark Lord to set up the illusion that everything was normal.

Fake Frank made casual appearances in multiple videos on the show from 2015-2016, impersonating the real Filthy Frank. He is identical in appearance to the real Filthy Frank, as they are portrayed by the same actor. However, the imposter wears sunglasses and an aviator hat.

Frank's friends eventually became aware that the Filthy Frank among them was an imposter. They set of on an adventure to find the real Filthy Frank. After successfully traveling to the Rice Fields, the "Real Frank" was found. Fake Frank assisted Chin-Chin in the battle against the Real Frank at Jew Central, New York. However, Fake Frank was roasted and killed by Neggi Generation 3000
"I just saw "Human Cake". So are Maxmoefoe and Filthy Frank official married?"

"No, that wasn't the real Filthy Frank; it was Fake Frank."

"Oh, the guy from the Lore?"

"Yeah. He wears sunglasses and the aviator hat."
by Irony ObamaCare December 07, 2016
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