A user of Facebook who becomes irrationally irritated when certain details of one of their Facebook Friend's accounts is not visible to them. Often a bizarre, almost arrogant sense of self-entitlement leads from at first a general feeling of being perturbed, to an outright delusional belief in the their right to have access to whatever information they want. This is often an affliction of Facebook users who have not yet come to terms with the fact that privacy settings are in fact a personal prerogative, not an obligation. It is also usually coupled with the arrogant belief that everyone should use Facebook the way they do, usually for the self-promoting purposes they are comfortable with, as though different peoples' preferences and reasons for using social networking are irrelevant. The delusion is itself not often a problem, but if the delusion persists, it can manifest in aggressive behaviour, harassment, and unexpected general rudeness.
Katie got so mad at me, and sent me a really rude blunt message when she found out she couldn't write on my stupid Facebook wall! I hardly know her ... who does she think she is? I think she has Facebook Sense of Entitlement Delusion or something.
by urbandictionologist May 29, 2010
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