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Facebook Guilt: An attempt to support or bring attention to a cause by posting a guilt-inducing status update along the lines of "If you believe/don't believe in ___________, repost for the next _______ minutes/hours/days;" the implication being that if you don't repost you are taking a stand AGAINST said cause.
An example of Facebook Guilt: I care about America’s soldiers – IF YOU CARE TOO YOU MUST REPOST THIS!!
by SmartassMommies February 22, 2012
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Defensive reaction to finding out someone is not on Facebook. Usually indicated by the word "just". As in, "I just use it to stay in touch with friends/family".
If I happen to mention that I'm not on Facebook, nine times out of ten someone's Facebook Guilt kicks in, even though I have made no judgement whatsoever.
by HappyHorse January 03, 2017
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