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Someone who in real life may be a drinking, slutty, drug taking, smoking, general mess. But on Facebook their privacy, photos, and language used are so censored that they look like an angel.
Someone who hides anything bad about themselves on facebook.
It's because she's friends with her (Dad/boss/nanny) so she's a total facebook angel.
by liiiid November 25, 2010
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An angelic Facebook friend. This person has a mind of their own and despite what other trash talk people make about a person, they are able to rise above it, and stay out of it. In fact, they may even feel sorry for this person, they send nice jesters to the victim to try to make up for other peoples cruelty. In general, it's not in their nature to hurt ANYONE because they are a kind secure person.
That girl is a true Facebook Angel. She doesn't believe in joining the bully crowd, she sees people for who they really are and has empathy. No one has a bad thing to say about her, because they secretly wish they had the strength to have a mind of their own like her. They try to gain her approval in hopes of feeding off her positive energy.
by loves independent angels November 10, 2009
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