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A facebook member is a seriously egotistically demented individual. By vainly subjugating themselves into flauntingly show off their status quo of a life in a form made easy called facebook social media.
Example.. Facebook enables members to upload and show vast amounts of members meaningless personal information about their lives. Such as.. pet names, places they been, places they will go, or never will. They will display what their house looks like, where they live, what their birthday is, who their friends are and who isn't. Its almost mind numbing how many people freely and willing update themselves for big brother, corporate entity's, foreign governments, u.s. government, private interest groups, oh and can't forget about Hackers the ability to monitor and control their daily lives. There is currently 1 billion active facebook members world wide as of august 2012.. that's the power of personal information.
by T y l e r D u r d e n July 23, 2012
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