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A Facebook Fuckwit is an individual that spends their half their sad life trying to collect as many freinds as possible on Facebook. The Facebook Fuckwit will spend ridiculous amounts of time on Facebook trying to increase the number of so called 'Facebook Friends', because in reality they have no 'Real' friends and it makes them feel better about themselves.

Drew Peacocks Law states that... ' The Higher Number of Facebook 'Friends a user has ' is proportionally equivalent to 'The lack of real world social interaction ability the Fuckit actually has'.

Facebook Fuckwit: 'I are so 'popliar,' I has over 2000 Facebook Friends, ... Fuck me, I are soooo 'popliar' and admired!'

Real World Person: No you Fucking haven't you Stupid Fuckin' 'Facebook Fuckwit!', you don't even know 10 people you can call friends........ go out and talk to real people in the real world, asshole!
by Dick Fulcrum July 16, 2010
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