Typically someone who stays on facebook all day everyday,even when they have nothing to doon there anymore.
Shaynah:Omj,Megan is a total creepity! Shes been on facebook all day! She commented 10 of my pictures,like wtf.

Miranda:Sounds more like a Facebook Freak to me!
by HRC! September 25, 2010
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Aside from being a song(might be a local artist so I don't know if many have heard it) a facebook freak would be a girl(or maybe a guy) who uses facebook to either pick up guys/girls or just is constantly using the site. The song also talks about how the girl doesn't look like her picture on facebook , and she is actually ugly as hell...unlike the picture.
Yo man, I thought I scored with this major hottie when I looked at her picture, but when I met her that wasn't even her in the picture, she was ugly as hell! She was a facebook freak.
by ianthemaster1 January 18, 2009
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