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When you tell all your friends you are being Facebook Stalked, yet you keep your FB page open so you can continue to be stalked. Secretly your ego is so big that you are loving all the attention it's bringing you. So you post 500 pictures of yourself hoping your stalker will continue to come back, making you feel important, and providing you with something to talk about to your 2,000 FB friends. You have high hopes this stalking claim will continue to build your popularity, you become afraid it will someday end. You become so addicted to the attention, you actually begin stalking your stalker.
Man does that guy have a serious case of Facebook Ego Syndrome, he's been telling the world he is being facebook stalked forever now. Why doesn't he just block the bitch? We all know secretly he is loving all the attention, although he tries to play it off like he doesn't.
by Are you stalking your stalker? November 09, 2009
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