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A Facebook user who spends their days pretending to be in the "Cyber Hacker" group known as "Anonymous". While these users possess no hacking skills like that of "Anonymous" and do not participate in actual activism, instead they spend their days posing in Guy Fawkes masks and working on Facebook to redefine the name "Anonymous" as nothing more than a group of Facebook friends.

Most often Facebook Anon's live with their parents or have other situations allowing them to stay on Facebook 24 hours a day and develop a cult-like second lifestyle in which they repost each others news and memes. Not unlike a high school "clique" or a "street gang" who stakes claim to turf which is not theirs, when these Facebook Anons attack others they are often met with resistance and end up looking foolish. As gang mentality dictates, they will then get angry and become "BUTT HURT" which leads to slander and personal drama on Facebook, their home.

Finally when all else fails and the Facebook Anons are angry at someone but have nothing factual or personally against them, they will accuse their enemies of being "pedophiles", "federal agents", or anything else they can think of which is frowned upon in the world of Facebook Anon. They will work endlessly in attempts to slander others in hopes they will leave Facebook, their "turf" of the internet.
1) I try to keep my info private, too many Facebook Anons out there stealing info to pretend they are a hero.
2) I was trying to answer his question but that Facebook Anon could not stand to see he was wrong and just started posting endless memes.
3) I was trying to communicate, but it is difficult with the Facebook Anon can only type replied of "Are you mad bro?" and "you have feelz".
by clownsec December 22, 2013
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