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If you take every single god from every single religion, combine them and you end up with the FabuGod. The FabuGod is the true creator of the universe. The FabuGod is worshipped by people in the religion of Fabulism, which is the best religion ever. The FabuGod is able to descend down from Fabuheaven and disguise himself as a mortal, so the next person you talk to May be the FabuGod. Although many people are stupid and don't believe in Fabulism, Fabulists (Fabulism Members) are able to see the FabuGod behind his disguise, unlike the other morons who aren't a part of Fabulism who only see a man riding what looks like an invisible horse. Fabulism Members can tell the FabuGod apart from everyone else because the FabuGod is riding a pink magical unicorn that shits 2D rainbows to fly (the fabucorn) that non Fabulists cannot see.
I am the FabuGod (fab-yoo-god).
by TheFabuGod December 08, 2014
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