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The Finger Warmth Stealth Attack is one of ingenious cunning and skill. In layman's terms, a single finger of the unsuspecting victim is inserted into ones own anus without them noticing. The result upon realisation is not one of disgust, but of pure awe and respect for the immense skill and aptitude required to pull off such an attack...
Ninja: ..yep....yep... nearly... yes!
Victim: (suddenly realising) What the... how the.... thats......
Ninja: Thats the FWS Attack, my friend, and I know; You're impressed
Victom/Big fan: My God!! That is impressive!! The ingenious cunning and skill to pull off such a awe inspiring move without my noticing.... How!!?
Ninja: Training. And time.... You can take it out now my friend; this lesson, is over.
Big fan: Wow, thanks Blatant Ninja, you're the best!!
Ninja: Yeah bitch.
by Funk Master Slam May 04, 2010
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