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FUPA looting is the practice of exploring your local grave yard in hopes to find a fresh woman’s grave. Once found, the corpse is then dug up and jumped on multiple times. Any substance, solid or liquid is then ingested by the person that was jumping. The utensil of choice is usually a cooking spoon but any eating utensil may be used. After the feasting is done, the body is then placed back in the grave and marked by sticking the spoon vertically in the ground next to the grave to communicate to other FUPA looters that the spot has already been used.
Hey Ethan, I just got off of a long day at work and I'm hungry. Would you like to go FUPA looting with me, I've had a craving ever since I went to my Grandma's Funeral.
by Mocha Alexander January 14, 2008
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The common practice of sneaking into graveyards after dark, digging up a woman's body (generally a large woman), and using her FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area) and having sex with the body. Afterwards the grave is closed and the body is either disposed of or reburied.
"Dude, did you see that fatass chick finally die?!"
"Yeah! WE should TOTALLY go fupalooting tonight!"
by sandwichman123 April 23, 2010
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