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A kpop band consisting of 5 boys. leader/guitarist: choi jong hoon, lead singer: lee hongki, rapper/guitarist: song seug hyun, bassist/vocalist:lee jae jin, drummer: choi min hwan.
FT Island is the best!
by ayoob April 26, 2010
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Ft Island is a Korean boy band composed of Choi Jonghun, Lee Hongki, Choi Minhwan, Lee Jaejin and Song Seunghyun. Oh Wonbin is their former member. FT Island is the epitome of an underrated band. Their ability to sing and play instruments is a lot better than other singers and artists. However, FT Island is not really popular since Korean dance groups get more attention than bands.
FT Island is the best KPOP band!
by frustratedme February 05, 2011
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a korean boy band that consists of 5 members. their names are: Lee Hongki (vocalist), Choi Jonghun (guitarist), Oh Wonbin (vocal&guitarist), Lee Jaejin (Bassist), Choi Minhwan (drummer). they are all very young.
i love all of F.T. Island's songs!
by heaven choi June 22, 2007
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five treasure island
the hottest korean boy band in the world.
Very young, and in during the 2007 summer.
Dating Leah/JaeEun. A young korean girl.
Amy: Hey, so are you going to that F.T Island concert?
Katie: It's Five TREASURE island.
Amy: They're hot.
Katie: True dat.
by babixkorean February 29, 2008
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