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FM radio struck occurs when every song you hear on the radio while driving home from night class reminds you of a special someone. All lyrics from different songs somehow manage to make you miss this person and their love, think of this person, wish that person was there with you and feel a sharp ache in your chest cavity. Whilst experiencing this condition blurred vision, attention diversion, heat exhaustion, and cardiac abnormalities may occur. It effects roughly 29% of the world population. Further research needs to be done to investigate the origins of this condition.
Ex 1 Traffic lights are red
- Missed change in traffic light while in deep thought about special someone. Exemplary symptoms included hearing loss to surround sounds, vision loss, altered states of consciousness. Finally snaps out of it when the Donkey behind hoots his horn

Ex 2. Driving along road
- attention is diverted because you are so into the lyrics of the song you forget everything else and your thoughts, consciousness and awareness are all consumed by the thoughts of that special person. you experience swerving into the other lane and almost hitting another car.

FM radio struck - can be dangerous but euphoric at the same time
by FmRadioStruck.traveler June 01, 2010
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