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Implication that minorties do not belong in the United States therefore they should, Fucking Go Back.
That (enter minority here) fucking cut me off, he better F.G.B.
by John April 13, 2005
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A FAT GUY with a BEARD. This phrase is only used to describe gamers over the age of 25 who live in their mothers basement. They can't have a job and if they are fat and have a beard but don't play video games they can't be called an FGB they also can't if they live in their fathers basement or parents basement, only their mothers.
The FGB ate all of my Doritos and drank my Mountain Dew!
by Dr Muffin Head May 12, 2016
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FGB is short for Finna Get Blind; it's when you're so drunk you get temporarily blind.
Let's go out tonight; I'm FGB.
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by fynagetblind August 30, 2017
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