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F. A. R. Scale- Face Ass (and) Rack. Used to rate chicks based on a 30 point system. 10 points(pts) for the face, 10 pts for the ass, and 10 points for the rack.
Eh, 10, 10 and 6 I give her a 26 overall on the F. A. R. Scale bro.
by PTil December 05, 2005
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This is a name given to a scale, used to address how far a male/female has gone with someone.

2-holding hands.
3-kiss on cheek.
4-kiss on lips (no tongues)
5-kiss on lips (with tongues)
6-kiss lasting more than 30 secs (no tongues)
7-kiss lasting more than 30 secs (with tongues)
8- upper body fondling
9- lower body fondling
10- full monty.
Rebecca- how far on the "far scale" have you gone with steve?
Lucy- 10 but dont tell any-one!x
by LoveGoddessx September 28, 2010
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