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A fem or lipstick lesbian of punk, goth, rockabilly or otherwise alternative tendancies.
They are fond of ripped fishnets, tight jeans, leather jackets, chipped nail polish, pin-up girl tattoos, jewlery featurig skulls, piercings, lepord print, aquanet, teased hair, corsetry, and of course loads of thick black eyeliner.
Their prefered music tends toward: punk, Riot Grrl, Deathrock (a punk influened form of goth), Indie rock, hard core punk, some post-punk, electroclash
They mock those who listen to Ani Difranco (though may have a song or two of hers on their computers) and would never, ever, ever go to Lillith Faire.
They are not straight women experimenting, although they are frequently bisexual, not considering other eyeliner lesbians and effeminante goth/glam/indie boys particularly different.
Such women include: Joan Jett, Kathleen Hanna, Peaches (bi, but still)
1: "Penny is such an eyeliner lesbian, with her spike heels, and robert smith hair."
2: "Cass is dating an eyeliner lesbian, they're going out to see Rasputina tonight"
by Madeira Darling October 06, 2007
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