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1. When a female with big tits looks at a male in a way that tells him she knows how to TF and is not only down with it, but strongly encourages it and even lusts for it. This is often a mating technique used by females whose only major asset is their breasts and are usually, but not always, slightly over weight.

2. When a male is completely and utterly blinded by the size of a woman's breasts that he will hook up with her no matter what state the rest of her is in. His mind is overtaken by the thought of a TF and will stop at almost nothing to get it.
Chaz was just about to leave Aurora when some girl grabbed his arm and gave him the eye of the TF.

Chaz bumped into a girl in the bar, spilling beer all over her breasts. As she sopped up the mess with a nearby napkin, she glanced up at Chaz as he apologized, giving him a most irresitable Eye of the TF.

"What's up with Trevor?" asked Chaz, "That girl has huge bombs but doesn't he know she is an absolute swap donkey?"
"Don't think he has a clue," replied Jeb, "Worst Eye of the TF I've ever seen!"
by JettSkyler February 16, 2012
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