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The act of smoking a cigarette during or after a significant event in a boger's life. An extreme boge is a cigarette that is considerably better than an ordinary boge. Cigarettes that may constitute as an extreme boge are as such: a boge smoked after a blunt, smoking a boge during sky diving, the first boge smoked when drinking, a boge smoked after a delicious meal, a boge smoked whilst listening to Rick Ross, a boge smoked during an impending plane crash, etc.

Not to be confused with Boging or Mild Boging.
Dude, robbing that bank earlier called for an extreme boge.

Did you hear? Rick Ross shit on that bitches face and then had an extreme boge!

I'm extreme boging and I don't give a fuck!
by Xtreme Bogr November 13, 2011
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