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When a group of blondes (5 or more) proceeds to urinate on an individual in unison.

May be used for business or pleasure, also a good idea for a very naughty punishment.
Those with golden hair give the best golden showers. Only the luckiest of mankind get to experience an Extra Golden Shower.

Five blondes walk into a bar and all have to pee. I pray they pee on me. I've only ever dreamed of an Extra Golden Shower.

Scott: "A golden shower just isn't cutting it for me anymore man."
Donna: "Why don't you try an Extra Golden Shower?"
Scott: "Sweet! I totally have at least five blonde friends that would love to piss on me!"

There's just something about an abundance of golden streams dousing you with warmth when they're coming straight from a circle of babes with golden hair.
by jexohext August 18, 2014
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