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An extendable neck is a creature of whom appears in human form, But when in need of Food it's neck can extend upwards and then bend and flex all directions in order to consume It's prey. It Began It's life eating all the Dinner Plates, so much so that his mother had to begin using paper plates so That her Money would not be wasted on Expensive Plates that would go into his stomach. He then began eating His School Bags, Hence His school bag changed everyday Until eventually he gave up on them. When The Neck retartacts it forms a giant skinlike bulge on the outside of the creatures former human body and it just becomes a giant slug rolling wround everywhere leaving behind a trail of sweat due to the excessive heat between the former body and it's skin flaps created by the necks extensions. There is One Feamle Extendable although the original is male, The Female Is exactly the same except her origins come from to much physical bifn with the Original extendable and She Features more Buck Teeth & Frizzy Heat Damaged Hair. Other Names used For the main creature (male) = Extendy Neck, Extendy, Extendable, Extoondi, Mumbai & Mumbo.
Look, It's Extendable Neck!

Oh My Gosh Dosn't that guy resemble The Extendable Neck?
by Jason Savagal January 16, 2009
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