A kinky, sexually active gay man who is involved in the fetish community. Specifically he gets off on having embarrassing & purposefully humiliating photos/videos spread (with his personal information) across the internet. The more damage these photos will do to ruin his reputation if they were to be seen by coworkers or immediate family members the higher the sexual thrill attached. Please see Online Exposure for a deeper description of the base fetish behavior.

Once When this sexual practice reaches a level where it is so exciting that it becomes a hobby & the person's main sexual fetish these guys are often known as "Exposure Whores" of "Famous Fags".

Exposed Faggots' legal names when Googled will return multiple pages of results under Web, Image & Video searches.
-I Googled Kyle's name & found out he's a totally Exposed Faggot.

-Men all over the world know my name & how much of a slut I am because I'm a fully Exposed Faggot.
by FaggotJustinExposed September 30, 2020
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