Existential Angst is the relation to one being aware of the possibility that life lacks meaning, causing an extreme form of anxiety, and a feeling of despair or hopelessness.

One who is an Existentialist may also have the Angst from the realization of one's true freedom. The normal example for this would be like one standing on the edge of a cliff. Someone with anxiety may fear falling off, but someone with Existential Angst, however not only fears falling off but dreads the possibility of throwing themselves off in a sense that "nothing is holding them back".
I often feel scared that life is pointless or lacks meaning causing my Existential Angst.

I was afraid that I might jump off the edge of the cliff falling to my death because I had an impulse of amorality from my Existential Angst.
by Nietzsche Brain November 18, 2013
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