When something or someone causes you to have a crises that makes you question reality.
Person: *goes through a terrible mentally deteriorating trauma*

Nutcase: *makes things even worse* You're going to Hell! End times are near! (Etc. Etc. Etc.)

Person: *questions if reality is even real* *Developes DP/DR because of Nutcase* What is reality if such horrible things can exist? Is this even real? This feels fake. Is my whole miserable life on trial? Am I living "right"? How can one really know?! What if I'm wrong and I'm stuck in this cold world to suffer in the first place only to be destined to Hell after I die to suffer forever?! What if I really have no choice but to be myself because no matter what I do I'll burn anyway for some fucked up reason? What if there really is no escape?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS EXISTENCE?!!!!

This is called "Existential dread".
by Morbid Priestess October 18, 2021
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