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Doing the maths relating to an upcoming exam, with 2 possible motivations:

1. To scare yourself into realising you don't have long left to revise and look over stuff.... or
2. To deliberately waste the time you could be using way more productively

These may well combine....
C: Sh*t i just worked out that I have 20 working hours til my exam in 3 days.... taking out the time I need to sleep, eat, gym, shop, fb, tweet, email, hang out, watch TV.... its even less if I want to shower too!

R: You do realise you spent 3 hours working on that exam maths....

C: Cr*p I just did some exam maths and realised I need to get at least 62/100 for this exam, because theres no way Im going to get above 48 in that other one, and my coursework would only be a 59 at best... although that only counted for 40% so weighted its like a 65 or something...

R: Do some work.
by RStokesy May 30, 2009
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