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Trendies are people who wear trendy clothe such as FCUK,Nike and tracksuits etc Their music tastes vary from hip-hop to rap and to rave music in which all are shite. These people are mainly wankers but u do find trendies that are dead on and alrite to hang about with but this is quite rare.

After a while trendies evolve into trendoids, these people are completely obsessed with trendy clothes and music. It is extremely hard to find a trendoid that is not a wanker.

Trendoids soon evolve into chavs, chavs are complete dick heads, they also were trendy clothes but are obsessed with burberry, they would kill their own mothers to get a Burberry cap or a burberry t-shirt or even a small patch of burberry, you can easily spot chavs driving round town in their supped up sports cars (usually Corsa's) listening to rave music. Chavs try to be hard but their strenght lies in numbers which is why u hardly see a chav walk about on his own, u can easily spot groups of chavs as they all huddle together and are wearing burberry, if u are ever out numbered by chavs u simply through some Burberry in the air and run as they all go ape shit and try to get the Burberry, they will usually fight to the death, chavs can easily sniff out a Burberry cap up to a mile away. Chavs are fucking wankers.

After a long time Chavs will evolve in to the worst type of them all, spides, Spides are complete wankers, they have out-grown their craving for burberry and moved on to "bling" Bling is any peice of jewelry that is very shiny and very fake looking. It is mostly those big bulky gay necklaces that look like they are made of plastic, the phrase they use for this is "bling Bling" a Spide can easily be spotted, they usually wear football tops (either rangers or celtic) or trendy clothes with either tracksuit bottoms or the tightest jeans u will every see, they are so tight u could probaly just about fit an Ethiopian into them, they will be wearings at least £200 worth of bling and are always carrying a buck fast bottle. Like chavs their strength lies in numbers and it is very unlikely for a spide that is on his own to pick a fight with you. The spide language consists of 2 words fuck and bastard the odd spide may combine the 2 words to make a sentence such as "u fucking bastard" Not many spides are smart enough to do this. Spides are the scum of the earth and are the biggest fucking wankers of the lot.

Trendies, trendoids, chavs and spides mortal enemies are hippies and rockers/metalheads in which i am, as the majority of the UK is a trendy, chav or spide we are outnumbered, it is our job to anialate trendies, trendoids, chavs and spides so the world will be a better place!
-Dude look at that spide!
-Yeh what a wanker, i remember last year when he was only a trendy but trendy evolution has taken place and now he's an even bigger wanker!
by Maizy May 18, 2005
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