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Above us all we see that the stars are a cosmic evolution of something which has yet to be discovered. We as human beings have limited knowledge of what exists inside this planet, let alone what exists beyond it. Sure, man made machines and human intelligence can attempt to make sense of the wonders of the universe. But truly, how much do we know about what exists beyond the dimension we live in? Is there life beyond what we know? Are there species on Earth itself that we have yet to discover? The world is on a constant journey of evolution as are its beings great and small. Even we as humans are continually experiencing evolution within our own being, even though we may not recognize this. To illustrate, when an individual is a child, their knowledge is limited to what they have learnt till that particular age. But as the child develops into a man (which is the evolution of the individual human body itself) life experiences add knowledge to the person's existence and that itself is the evolution of an individual human per one life time. To understand the universe or cosmos, we need to first explore the individual being on several levels, not just the physical. Then only can we understand and appreciate the stars in space and the stars within.
1) the true nature of the evolution of stars is yet to be discovered

2) the star within the human being

3) galactic research is further required but not merely just by scientific means
by st@rG@zer May 28, 2010
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