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An Evil!Sue is a sub-type of Mary-Sue which is found in fanfiction. This type of Mary-Sue character is almost always on the dark side in a given fandom. She, like all Sues, is beautiful*, talented, powerful, and of course, annoyingly perfect.

She is usually created by a Suethor who eithor prefers or has a fascination with the villains instead of the heros/good guys in the famdom in which she is writing. Oftentimes, the Sue will either be related to a canon villain (i.e. Voldemort's daughter in the Harry Potter Series) or fall in love with a canon villain (i.e. Draco Malfoy also Harry Potter)

The Evil!Sue is somewhat like Goth/Punk!Sue in that she will usually have an angsty past which is why she's on the Dark Side to begin with.

*Some Evil!Sues have long flowing black hair, pale skin and X color eyes, they may wear black or red or any other color which could symbolize evil or darkness in the Suethor's opinion.
That Suethor sure as hell has a warped, twisted and sick mind. I can't fathom why she would WANT to even create an Evil!Sue?! Aren't regular Sues bad enough, do we need evil ones too? WTF! Some people are just plain wierd.

{A possible reaction to someone's Evil!Sue character
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