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A football club based in merseyside, England. PLayed at a football stadium called Old Trafford, i.e Goodison Park. Renowned for its sense of love for the manc, and welcomes them into the team with open arms, such as Phil Neville and Tim Howard.
(Can also be used as a adjective, to denote useless hope in a pathetic moment.)
The fans can often be seen arguing with Kopites, although inevitably losing, since there's no evidence to support their claims. They aften slander about the Kopite, claiming that they're from foreign countries such as Norway. However it has been proven that the City Of Liverpool actually contains more Kopites than Evertonians, so in essence calling the majority of fans kopites as foreign is a compliment, as it suggests that Liverpool F.C has a lot of fans.
As a club it hasn't one anything in quite a while now, as it has no money, due in part to the consistently poor performances of the team when a season ends.
adj. to do a "Everton F.C"

person 1 : The match just ended, we lost, again
person 2 : Ah, we've done yet another "Everton F.C"
person 1 : Maybe there's a award?
person 2 : Of course not, all the good awards are won by them damn kopites and mancs?
person 1 : Oh well, it was worth a try
by Poor Scouser Tommy Boy April 21, 2011
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