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One of the absolute shittiest middle schools in Spokane. Everyone there should be going to Green Acres, but are all overflows. The people there are either super rich or super poor, with some upper middle class in between.

If you don't wear logos and don't have enormous tits, you are immediately placed at the bottom of the food chain. Most of the guys there are perverts who are obsessed with grabbing girl's asses and fist pumping like they're on goddamn Jersey Shore. They are all racist and ignorant about other countries and homophobic.

The girls are either whores, religious fake gossipy girls, or girls who can't stop talking about sports. Most of the girls are ugly whores that plaster their faces with six pounds of makeup, and all the guys are hot. Oh, and everyone is snaggle-toothed...

The cliques aren't so bad, but there is an extensive group of populars, all of them dumb as rocks. There's also a tight group of lesbian meth addicts, and some pre-pubescent boys.

The teachers are monopolized by the kids there, and even follow their fashion trends. They talk about how nice the school is, but the building is practically FALLING DOWN.

All in all, Evergreen Middle School is a nice place to be if you're looking for BLT's (big luscious tits,) and meth.

Overly sporty girl: Omg i have tennis every saturday morning it sucks hahahaha theres this tournament and hahaha omg

Popular girl: Is Asia a country?
by Cjrox02 October 01, 2011
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