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The drivers of bog standard, hatchback vehicles, who presume themselves to be fashionable, urbane, and sophisticated, but in reality cannot afford the insurance, or are not possessed of the imagination or originality to drive something more interesting.
Eurobox wankers, are the drivers of any old rubbish made by Vauxhall, Ford, and any of the following:
Almost everything German
Almost anything Spanish
Almost anything Italian driven by people who think they are trendy but who have no money or taste.The people who buy this rubbish are nevertheless helping the Ferrari formula 1 team to develop something decent
Something made by Japanese or Korean people,whilst not European,they are very popular with British people who like something that matches their clothes from Zara which they have given a silly name such as the,"Dayglo".This gives it a catchy name to sell it to brain dead people,mostly, but not exclusively women,who spend the entire credit limit of five credit cards on rubbish, highlighting the choice of gearknob or colour coded vanity mirror and matching wheel nuts.This also makes them easy to recall when the accelerator gets stuck in the fast lane of the motorway.
by The galloping major October 29, 2011
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