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People who support the eurpoean culture in North America (USA, Canada. They dress up into colorful outfits usually shiny dress pats or jeans, with very colorfull sweaters on dress shirts with abstract desighns. They listen to pop, trance and other dance music. Usually go to clubs, and like to be refered to as "Ginos". They are mostly European immigrants in first geberation (there are exeptions). They Usally have they hair spiked with blonde highlights and shaves on a sides with lines or simular "designs". Usually hated by rockers and metalheads. Befriend gangsta's and wiggers.
Euro Wannabe: Hey check out this awesome mix i downloaded yesterday!they DJ is SOOOOO talanted!

Rocker:How can you not understand that pop music is garbage and trance is not music, it takes 10 minuted to make it on computer!

Euro Wannabe: ...Well...At leats girls like it....

Rocker: speak for yourself, those girls are cockteases! You dont get laid!
by retamellius February 22, 2009
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