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Eucalyptus scholars

The Eucalyptus scholarship is a prestigious award given to those who exemplify qualities such as: extreme competence in deucebaggery, weakness of boners, and overall “put it right in my butt” attitude.

You may occasionally hear Eucalyptus Scholors making statements such as; “I’ll have a salad,” and “ That reminds me of something Shia LeBeouf once said”

If you find a Eucalyptus Scholar listening to music he is probably listening to Hootie and the Blowfish, Aqua, Alanis Morissete(particularly the song “Thank You”) and of course “Sweet Child of Mine” the Cheryl Crow version.
Dude, take off that scarf, you are acting like such a Eucalyptus Scholar right now.
by suckitstieglitz November 08, 2011
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