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A high school located in an urban area near the center of Pensacola ,Florida. Rife with idiots, worthless delinquents, and professional miscreants (not generally the more intelligent type either.) Often subject to misallocation of funds, overly expensive lunches/ al-a-carte, a lack of basic sanitary requirements (e.g. soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc), and general poor management by a maladroit staff. Though not the worst place in Escambia County to go to school, it is far from acceptable.

It is also noteworthy for its mascot riots, which took place after the school went through desegregation in 1969. The riots commenced in 1972 and went on throughout the next year. Black students rioted over the mascot, which was a "rebel" at that time. The official school song was Dixie and the Confederate flag was often flown at school events. Needless to say, this offended some people, and offended more when they were illegalized for use in schools by a U.S. district court. Several people were shot in the chaos, and many demonstrations (some of them violent) occured.

In conclusion, Escambia is indubitably a shitty high school, full of angsty, underpaid staff members, and juvenile delinquents.

Dude, you go to Escambia High School and dont smoke weed, steal from people, get in fights on a regular basis, or otherwise engage in unscrupulous or criminal activity?

You must be part of the special education program.
by Satan!!! November 24, 2008
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