An Erister egg is a plastic egg into which something unexpected, particularly an odd or surprising message, is placed. It is then hidden to be found much as Easter eggs. But in an Erister Egg Hunt, or EggGASM, the egg finders usually don't know they're participating. They think they're finding normal Easter eggs.

The concept was first proposed to Discordians online by Pinky McFatfat of Dublin 11 days before Easter in 2008. Professor Cramulus named it EggGASM, and the Mythics of Harmonia (Princess Unicornia, Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, Nurse Eggscream and others) named it Erister Egg Hunt. ("Erister" is a combination of "Easter" and the Goddess Discordia or "Eris").

Items that were hidden in plastic eggs that first year included odd quotes, one line meme bombs, a small doll's arm, a pair of black thong panties, a condom, and even a genuine Purple Heart medal. Messages were often included in an egg with a small toy.

Erister Egg Hunt/EggGASM is a part of Operation Mindfuck. Getting others involved is a part of OMGASM.
You're putting a candy penis in an Erister Egg? Sweet. Where's your EggGASM going to be?

We're setting up our Erister Egg Hunt two days before Easter at Spring Break Park.

The park by the school? Dude, don't hide something like that where kids can find it! Hide stuff like that at a college.

We already did the college. They got miniature pictures of Miley Ray Cyrus.
by Miley Spears March 24, 2009
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