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Refers to the song "Kill Jayz" in 4:44 album in which he discusses the depth about how there is a lack of personal responsibility for taking someone significant in your life for granted. "Eric benét" is Haile Berry's ex husband who cheated on her with 10 different women. In the song, he expresses how going "Eric Benét" is the ultimate shame so it can be used for any situation very dire that someone cannot come back from and is forever marked.
Friend: Fuck relationships, I am just going to get some of these other hotties

You: Are you sure? Come on, everyone has a rough patch sometimes you just have to ride through it. Don't go Eric Benét... Dont let them get away!

Friend: *Takes a shot and begins to chat with a someone half way getting a text and regretting their hasty actions*
Friend: " Almost went Eric Benét..."
You: "Never go Eric Benét"
Both: *Remains silent and nods their heads together sagely*

Definition: Eric Benét: Faux Pas behaviour that leads to ultimate regrets in life.
by Pennyfoyothoughts July 31, 2017
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