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1. The unfortunate state of seizing whilst bathing.

2. An action performed in a communal shower (usually in small New Jersey high schools). This act consists of rolling/jerking/b-boying/breakdancing in a grotesque manner on the scum-filled, urine and germ coated blue tile floor. Usually occurs as a performance for approximately 5 homosexual, cleansing harriers. Eppy showerers, as the seizees are often called in urban areas, are often pasty honors students with large thighs. They tend to be premature ejaculators and enjoy playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with their toes. These transparent folks experience an epileptic shower whenever one of their teammates flickers the overhead light on and off to an intense techno beat, in the style of a discotheque club.
Tom: "Hey Greg, let's go flicker them there lights on and off. We can flash them and play "Through The Fire and Flames". Maybe Jonny will have one of those Epileptic showers again."

Greg:"I have 13 anuses."
by Notorious Thugzz December 23, 2009
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