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A celebration of the fact that we San Francisco Bay-Area dwellers despise our Novembers and certainly wish we could remove the cold part from our dreary days. why sit in the fact that we hate outside windyness/cold-scary when we can sit inside instead and epilate our bodies the whole time, thereby creating less body hair for next time we meet someone uber-sexy!? :)

down the drain december
January's Finest
i-see-your-bald february
i could not go outside to blow kisses to ANYBODY in the Park because it was raining, so i decided to stay inside all month and epilate, epilate, epilate it all away(the pain!)!! :p heehee! now i blow kisses all summer long cause my body has no hair.
i "epilate my November" every November!! :)
by bass.kitten May 01, 2009
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