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A plushtuber who tries way too hard too be dramatic (when it's hard to look dramatic when they are mario plushies), overuses green screen and insults his inspiration for videos. He also has a handful of failed channels, some being called TempestFilms and Shrooom where he tried to be super dramatic and crap, but nobody gave a shit about it.

His overuse of green screen is absolutely MASSIVE and he tries to be super dark. I get how he makes his videos look EPIC with the effects and stuff, which are cool, but he literally made a video of a mental criminal having visions shooting himself in the head, keep in mind most of his viewers don't go above the age limit of 8, so that's a really nice thing to be exposing to your young audience.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard about EpicMarioBros?
Guy 2: No.....
Guy 1: He makes EPIC mario plush videos and it goes BOOM BOOM EXPLOSIONS DRAMATIC SUICIDE WICKED COOL
Guy 2: Wow guy 1, do you need your meds or are you watching some dumb shit
by SeeGuy July 31, 2018
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