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When an acquaintance feels the need to appear superior to his peers when discussing any given subject, he fabricates lies to increase his credibility, and appeals to an unseen, familial source such as "My English Uncles", who discovered, invented, or created, the central object of the discussion.

The "English Uncles" often remain unnamed, and separated by large distances, likely on a separate continent, so as to avoid any unpleasant outcomes of an investigation of the claims made by the acquaintance, about the "discoveries" and "inventions" of his "English Uncles".
Douglas-"A Roots supercharger can generate more power through the lower RPM band than a Twin-Screw superchager."

Lumps-"Dude my English Uncles actually engineered the first supercharger so I should know which one generates more power."
by Ironguild April 29, 2011
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