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A sex act between two partners that is illegal in many areas of the world. In this activity the submissive partner lies on his or her stomach with the acting partner on top. The acting partner then sticks their finger down their throat to induce vomiting, regurgitating whatever's in their stomach into the submissive partner's ass crack.

The acting partner then proceeds to eat the vomit out of the ass crack while performing anilingus, oral stimulation of the anus. The phrase "English Country" refers to the vibrant colors often found in vomit. "Salad" refers to the eating of vomit from the asscrack.
"Oh, darling," said the aroused naked woman to her male lover, "I want you to give me an English Country Salad."

"For you, my love," responded the man. "I'll do anything. My only desire is to please you in every way."

Then he stuck his finger down his throat and vomited all over her ass crack. After that he ate all the vomit while licking her asshole, concluding by giving his love a tender kiss on the lips. They cuddled the rest of the night.
by Dexter Graves October 27, 2010
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