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Global trade agreement to end war modeled after software as a service spliced with NAFTA.
The first of many philanthropic contributions #1 from worldlyscholars mastermind group forum.
Concept is intended for US president Donald Trump's administration to umbrella & leave a legacy tomake America #1. May Trump's team of experts to mandate project Enerstructure Code FAAST free as a service trade. Current dialog of Enerstructure may open for discussion become as project Elementricity for prelaunch codename Whenerstructure.
Full how to plan upon pilot prelaunch advisory role rooted in schematics for a contingent plan if and when Digi Pea is contacted via mastermind group that went tits up due to lack of funding for worldlyscholars and worldlywisdom dot com mastermind forums.

Your welcome and thank you for the opportunity MR PRESIDENT.
Here is my free gift to you so long as accurate citations for creator of the idea in all postings or forum replies to threads, footer must contain "brought to you in part by DIGI READ DO".
808 Drum code encompasses Plant Code & Drug Code- at adoption simply Grid Code.
A transcontinental push to spread the word of how to end all war.
FAAST eliminates identity theft, solves the opioid crisis, and puts an end to the war on leisure or "war on drugs".
FAAST bridges three primary industries of telecom, as a service software, and utility enerstructure.
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