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A beloved phrase used by President Trump to refer to journalists and reporters, who love sharing “fake news” about him—all his idiocies and idiosyncrasies, which make him look like a serial liar and an incompetent political leader.
The 911 President just likes tweeting to his supporters that the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS are the “enemy of the people.”
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by MathPlus July 29, 2018
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when people say the main steam Media is Fake News or the enemy of the people they are not just referring to the bull shit they quite often spue out, it is also the deafening silence on the many other issues and problems they refuse to acknowledge or report on. a silence media is a enemy of the people!
by the one... yes that one February 20, 2017
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So-called journalists and media outlets who present out-right lies as factual information in order to sway public opinion, ususally to the left.
Did you read that article on Vox this morning? They are the Enemy of the People!
by agent65 August 05, 2018
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