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Endless Sunder is an Electro Industrial Band from Seattle Wa. Asher Sevyn is the composer, Vocalist and main recording musician behind the project. Although Asher had been producing electronic music since 2000 the project Endless Sunder originated in 2007 in Olympia Washington as an Electro Industrial concept. Asher took many different ideas from popular music like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and VNV Nation and picked apart what he found to be the most commanding aspects.
Asher started experimenting with music as a Techno DJ mixing different styles of music into unique songs. Gaining experience through doing remixes for local bands he began to create his own composition using software synthesizers and simple recording hardware. The first song he composed was a cover of Fictional's "Blue Lights" This was followed by the First EP released called The Descent EP which was intended to be followed up by his Debut Album Descent.

Endless Sunder has been involved in several local acts including The Background Front, Lakkyla and Psycho Symantic.
by AsherSevyn June 23, 2010
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