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Name of a 501(c)(3) group created by Berman & Co., a

lobbyist for the restaurant, hotel, alcohol, and cigarette companies. "Defeat the Debt, another 501(c)(3), is supposedly organized by the Employment Policies Institute ALSO created by Berman & Co.

The Employment Policies Institute is not an institute, in the sense that it doesn't conduct research or perform services to the public. All it does is recycle American Enterprise Institute talking points under a false flag. Berman & Co. has a very large number of "institutes" or organizations, usually little information about the funding or affiliations. It cites "articles" which are letters to the editor published by a "senior economic analyst" at the "Employment Policies Institute," etc.

The "studies" are not peer-reviewed, but they take a long time to download (they're PDF files, naturally). The "doctors" are merely Ph.D. holders in an unrelated field spouting glibertarian theories. All in all, another front for wingnut welfare.
The Employment Policies Institute is a phony organization created in 1991 by Richard Berman, the principal of Berman & Co. It is little more than a website.

The Wikipedia entry for the "Employment Policies Institute" was obviously written by someone affiliated with the institute. Essentially devoted to ending the minimum wage (among other issues), it includes a section taking the 501(c)(3)'s position on a study, and then cites a "paper" by that same entity as "proof." This is the sort of bullshit we have come to expect from Berman & Co.
by Sorry, the good guys lost September 11, 2010
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